Do You Risk When Use Proxy Servers?

It’s generally accepted the proxy servers are used to enhance the safety of web-surfing. People are used to using proxies when going online in order to protect their personal information. There are many advantages when using proxy servers, and if you don’t have one yet, should learn more about them and get yourself a proxy server at However, there might be some risks involved. Let’s talk about the dangers of using proxies and ways to avoid or prevent them.
Firstly, it’s known that when using proxies, you hide your IP address behind another one. However, not all people realize that the proxy you use still sees your IP. It means you are not totally anonymous on the Internet and you hide only from the websites you visit. In case you don’t think it bears any threat, you should be aware that IP address is a kind of sensitive information as it can be traced back to your home address, real name, etc.
Many people use proxies in order to substitute their IP and reach a certain website that’s blocked otherwise. There are many online stores, games, etc. which can be accessed only from a certain region. Your IP address reflects which region you are in, and if you hide it behind the IP address you get from your server, you might be able to reach the website. It’s possible because proxies have IPs from all countries.
For instance, if you browse eBay, you’ll see differences when reaching it from different countries’ IP addresses. Go to in order to avoid any restrictions.
Although it seems so convenient, there are reasons against using the service. For instance, when you work online, your employer might demand to log in from a certain IP (like the one his network has, etc.). What’s more, you can fail to access restricted websites using proxy servers because the websites notice suspicious activity and blacklist the IP.
There are many different kinds of proxies and yet any of them might be hacked and the information from it stolen. That’s why if you wish to avoid that, you’d better find the most reliable sellers who keep up with the security measures and maintain the servers perfectly secured. Yes, you’ll have to buy it because free servers may cause you even more troubles. However, in the long run, you are sure to win.