What is A Backdoor Computer Virus?

A backdoor virus is one of the most prolific and effective types of malicious programs you can find on your computer.  These programs—technically a type of virus or malware—work by achieving unauthorized access to your data or system, often allowing for some kind of remote control or collection. A backdoor plants itself in the background of your operating system and hides from sight, which makes it very hard to know if you have this type of computer infection.

How Do They Spread?

The “backdoor” term is general, of course, and represents the method by which these viruses can get into your computer. Here is a more detailed look at some specific tricks they use:

  • Opening e-mail attachments (especially from addresses you don’t recognize)
  • Using file-sharing programs (especially from users you don’t know or trust)
  • Exploiting integrated access approval form a legitimate program through a remote network
  • Exploiting software vulnerabilities (which is why many programs need constant updating)

Can I Detect A Backdoor Virus?

Sometimes you can sense that you might have some kind of backdoor malware running because your computer will lag in some places where it normally wouldn’t.  This is particularly true if it is taking longer to load web pages, especially web pages that you might visit all the time.

Sometimes you can detect a backdoor virus because you have unwanted ads or pop windows.  Hikvision Backdoor viruses sometimes install software that you didn’t want and, technically, did not authorize.  So, for example, you might find you are using a web browser or search engine that is new to your computer—it was probably installed by a backdoor virus.

Sometimes you can detect a backdoor virus because your computer or device will behave differently.  Some viruses are so strong that they hijack your web browser completely or make it impossible for you to get online (so you can’t, for example, download a virus scanner).

Can I Remove a Backdoor?

If you do not have virus or malware protection on your computer, it is likely that the backdoor will not allow you to install any, simply out of self-preservation. That said, you can manually remove them from the code if you know how to find them.  You may need to use another computer to find the line of code to remove or change.  In some cases there are aftermarket programs that can assist you in removing these dangerous parasites but, again, you will need to use another computer to download the programs.